Rubbing Hands

Games, fun, and more fun.

About Rubbing Hands

In my life there have been two constants: 1) a passion for games, 2) a reflex rubbing of my hands whenever I think about a good idea or something really fun. I have been teased for both.

In 2006 I decided to bring these two personal forces together into one cataclysmic company. It was a dramatic heave of my past career, but from the ashes of my corporate resume, Rubbing Hands was born.

I hope you find our games to be different--as in unique--and that they do more than just sit on your shelf. Most of our products have great resonance for me and are the result of games that I created in my childhood...and are now a part of my children's childhood. I have tortured many a friend or family member with my latest great idea for a game. The good ones have lived on and made their way to you. I hope you like them.

Thanks for playing with us,

Chris Friden
Founder and Funmaker

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